vascular hemophilia; vascular pseudohemophilia; von Willebrand disease; von Willebrand disorder; von Willebrand’s-Jurgens’ disease; von Willebrand-Jrgens. The activity of vWF in a patient with von Willebrand disease. Aktywość vWF u pacjenta z chorobą Willebranda. Fig. 4. The activity of vWF in a. Hereditary bleeding disorders, such as von Willebrand disease, may be one of the causes of Choroba von Willebranda u kobiet z krwotocznymi miesiaczkami.

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Von Willebrandova choroba

Please review the contents of the section and add the appropriate references if you can. In more severe cases of type 1 vWD, genetic changes wiklebranda common within the vWF gene and are highly penetrant.

Hypo- coagulability Thrombocytopenia Thrombocytopenic purpura: He ultimately assessed 66 members of her family and reported in Swedish-language article that this was a previously undescribed bleeding disorder that differed from hemophilia.

The three types of hereditary vWD are: A platelet aggregation assay will show an abnormal response to ristocetin with normal responses to the other agonists used.

Von Willebrandova choroba – WikiSkripta

The good news is, many dogs with vWD live a long and healthy life. Platelet-type vWD also known as pseudo-vWD is an autosomal dominant genetic defect of the platelets. When a dog has too few platelets, wounds cboroba injuries can be really dangerous because he or she might not stop bleeding and lose a lot of excess blood. Normal levels do not exclude all forms of vWD, particularly type 2, which may only be revealed by investigating platelet interaction with subendothelium under flow, a highly specialized coagulation study not routinely performed in most medical laboratories.


Retrieved from ” https: Large platelet aggregates and high molecular weight vWF multimers are removed from the circulation resulting in thrombocytopenia and diminished or absent large vWF multimers.

Wiloebranda vWF antigen levels are normal. D ICD – Patients with this subtype are unable to use desmopressin as a treatment for bleeding, because it can lead to unwanted platelet aggregation and aggravation of thrombocytopenia.

They are usually inherited as an autosomal dominant trait though rare kindreds are willebtanda recessive. Started inthis collection now contains interlinked topic pages divided into a tree of 31 specialty books and chapters.

Back Links pages that link to this page. There’s a name for this: It affects both male and female dogs equally, and while any dog can have vWD, there are several breeds that are at greater risk:. Symptoms Skin Bruising Rectal bleeding not explained by a known source peptic ulcer, Colon PolypHemorrhoid Severe Vom requiring transfusion Recurrent or persistent Epistaxis Bleeding lasting longer than 10 minutes or required medical attention Excessive bleeding with minor procedures e. Retrieved 3 December Diagnostic tests for vWD could include: It may be more severe or apparent in people with blood type O.

Epidemiology Prevalance estimated at 1.

The three forms of vWD are: Unsourced material willegranda be challenged and removed. Desmopressin is contraindicated in vWD type 2b because of the risk of aggravated thrombocytopenia and thrombotic complications. However, some individuals willebrranda for type 3 may be diagnosed of vWD type 1, indicating an intermediate inheritance in that cases.


Variant forms of vWF were recognized in the s, and these variations are now recognized as the result of synthesis of an abnormal protein. Occasionally, type 2 also inherits recessively. Mice affected by vWD type 3 were produced by genetic engineering to obtain a small sized model for the human disease. For women with heavy menstrual bleeding, estrogen-containing oral contraceptive medications are effective in reducing the frequency and duration of the menstrual periods.

Administration of ethinylestradiol diminishes the secretion of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone from the pituitary, leading to stabilization of the endometrial surface of the xhoroba. If your dog shows symptoms, other diagnostic tests may be recommended to rule out other diseases and to assess your dog’s overall health.

Disease or Syndrome T The New England Journal of Medicine. It’s important to carefully watch your dog for symptoms and to prevent unnecessary bumps and bruises to help keep her safe. The vWF is qualitatively normal and genetic testing of the von Willebrand gene and vWF protein reveals no mutational alteration.

Von Willebrand disease

Furthermore, cases have been reported in cats, horses, cattle, and rabbits. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Patients should address specific medical concerns with their physicians.

Although access to this website is not restricted, the information found here is intended for use by medical providers.