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With C and D as centers, and any convenient radius greater than P D, describe two arcs intersecting in E. To the right and left oicg and dJi, respectively, lay off a distance of 6 inches and draw vertical lines as before. It requires con- siderable practice to be able to draw a good curved line in this manner by means of an irregular curve, and the general appearance of a curve thus drawn depends a great deal upon the student’s age and the accuracy of his eye.

The Polk County Democrat ( January 2, 2005 )

When using the Fig. Drawings sent in for ‘ correction with the lettering omitted zuill be returned for completion. This method has the advantage of ma- king a neat-looking drawing and of being very rapid in delineation. The commutator bar is dimen- sioned with the dimensions required by the toolmaker for making the gauges and by the machinist for turning it to size; consequently, some of the dimensions required for drawing it must be obtained by calculation.

Although we believe that our plans, intentions and expectations are reasonable, we may not achieve our plans, intentions or expectations. Through the points A, B, E, and F, draw indefinite straight lines parallel to m n.

Draw the center line in ii, and the line A B for the base of the head.

The projection of any point, as c, is found as before, by drawing a perpendicular jj from the point e to the sur- face ; thus, e’ is the projection of the point e upon the plane ABDC.

The remaining threads of the screw may be drawn in the same manner, but an easier and quicker method is to cut a curve, of the same shape as those already drawn, out of a piece of bristol board or cardboard 7021 use it as a template. The irregular curve is shown dotted in this position at B. A few points regarding the construction of the letters kbaa illustrated in Fig.


Draw the two diameters A E and G C at right angles to each other. The length of the distance thus laid off between the two points represents 2 feet 3J inches. This drawing plate differs from those previously given in that the title is placed in the lower left-hand corner. Draw the chord D I, and it is one side of the required polygon, others may be spaced off around the circumference.

Volants, moyeux pour volants

BA, of course, equals A C. This is the conven- tional method of representing a nut. The way the sectional view should have been section-lined to correspond to the front view shown at [p is given in Fig. Do not put too much ink in the pen, not more than enough to fill it for a quarter of an inch along the blades, otherwise the ink is liable to drop.

Part of the mica insulation between the commutator bars and the spider and clamping ring projects beyond the end surfaces of the bars; it is wrapped securely with a layer of heavy twine well shellacked. Owing to the want of room, only that half of the development is shown which contains the part to be cut out.

Draw the center lines?

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The side elevation of Fig. The first eight figures of kbw plate show the conven- tional methods of representing screws. After the erasure has been made, the roughened part of the surface of the paper 770219 be smoothed by rubbing with some hard, smooth substance, as a piece of ivory or the handle of a knife.

Since practice varies so much, it can only be xbe by inquiry at 70129 office Avhere the drawing was made what a number on a drawing signifies. A center line op is drawn in, however; this center line indicates to the workman, who reasons from the symmetry of the object in respect to the center line x y, that the lower half of the object is to be supplied with a bolt placed in the plane given by the center line op.


In the perspective drawing shown in Fig. The setscrews A, A are released, and the large screws B and B’ are screwed up or down, according as the shaft is to be raised or lowered, the spherical bearing allow- ing of adjustment at every point. The generating circle should be so placed that its center O lies over the center of the line A B, as shown.

The most convenient forms are the usual flat and triangular boxwood scales, having beveled edges, each of which is graduated for a distance of 12 inches. To draw the arms, make the kbba of the arcs a b, c d, etc. With this explanation of transferring points and lines from one view to another, the studer. It is always understood that the part broken away and not shown is of the same size and shape as the parts con- tiguous to the break.

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For notice of copyright, see pa rig. This alphabet is not to be used on the first five geometrical drawing plates. Item location see all Item location. The term Ream or Reamed means that a hole is to be finished by ream- ing; when applied to a bolt, it is understood that the bolt is to be fitted to a hole that has been previously reamed.

Repeat the process for the other blade. The arrangement of the views of bka figure is somewhat different from the preceding ones, in order to make room for it on the drawing. They must not fall short of the guide lines, nor extend beyond them.